Omega OA – Single Door

Omega OA Design Features

  • Unique clutch driven gear assembly makes manual operation of door lightweight and easy
  • Fully enclosed gear housing allows for clean installation quieter operation and longer gear assembly life
  • Optical door position switch makes for easy and reliable setup of door opening angle, back check and latching in one simple action
  • Selectable assist on latching to overcome stack pressure or difficult to latch doors
  • Digital board with visual display for fast and accurate setup of door
  • Adjustable opening and closing speeds to suit any site conditions and preferences
  • Low profile design available in custom lengths and colours
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Additional Features

  • Selectable power assist on manual opening
  • 24 volt output for auxiliary devices
  • Motor hold open
  • Electric strike interface with fully adjustable time delay feature

Designed and built in Canada, incorporating Canadian components the Omega OA is designed for simplicity of installation and operation. While incorporating the latest technology Omega adheres to the principle that reliability, simple installation, and ease of manual operation are the most important requirements of a door operator.

Omegas unique clutch system allows for easy manual operation of any door it is installed on. The digital controller with visual display and optical door position sensor take the guess work out of setting up the door operation to any desired parameters.

The Omega OA is available in any single or double configuration that may be required and with production facilities located in Ontario Omega is able to ship product to our customers in a timely fashion while fulfilling any custom or urgent orders quickly.

Conforms to ANSI 156.19 and CETL Certified

  • For Header Length above 60 inches, call for a custom quote
  • For orders of more than 10 units, call for a custom quote
  • For custom colours, call for a custom quote
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